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Zumo, Museum on the Move, Acko, Israel


Netai Halup and A_Cat  - Zumo (3).jpeg

Milestone, installation view

Zumo, Museum on the Move, Acko, Israel

Milestone is a collaborative installation made out of 8 tons of sand; realized, planned and installed altogether with youth from different communities in the city of Acko. 

Halup and the youth met for a series of meetings around a big table, which the artist created specifically for the event. During those meetings, the group discussed the shape of the city, the decisions they can make to shape the public space, and the decisions others take for them. 

At the heart of Halup’s action stands the act of constructing, which requires an organized corporation, planning, and cooperative decision-making. This stems from Henri Lefebvre’s proposition of the term “The right to the city”, in which Lefebvre claimed that the right to shape the public space is given solely to the residents. 

“Milestone” is a development of the work “Cornerstone” Halup created in 2022 in Ofakim, Israel. In Cornerstone, the artist used discarded bricks cleared off the city centre. This time, he focused on the material Acko was built of – sand. The group used 8 tons of sand to create bricks that recall the bricks that appear around Acko. The bricks in the installation are made of compressed sand, with no use of any sort of glue. Although they keep their form, with time, the sand cracks, and by the end of the show, it will return to the shape of sand and could be used again.

***Special thanks to A-CAT center for the open-hearted collaboration. 

Netai Halup and A_Cat  - Zumo (11)(2).jpg
Netai Halup and A_Cat  - Zumo (10).jpeg
Netai Halup and A_Cat  - Zumo (8).jpeg
Netai Halup and A_Cat  - Zumo (2).jpeg
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