Netai Halup

b.1991 raised in Israel,  currently based in Barcelona.

Founder of 'Pujo studios', Hospitalet de llobregat, Barcelona.

My body of work is a result of tentatives that explore the performativity of sculptures. I am working through a process of trial and error - problem solving; placing the 'bodies' I make in strained and fragile positions, then observing them and asking what role are they performing? How are they affected by the other elements? And most of all, what kind of tension exists in the atmosphere they are provoking? 

The sculptural machinery I am constructing springs from tentatives in which bodies are being created; events where the potentialities and peculiarities of the materials are being studied, and where careful observations of accidents and their unknown methods are researched in depth. Through this, I am exploring the possibility in which precarity, resistance, subtlety, and tension can appear as poetic manifestations.

I create theatrical assemblages that explore the encounter between natural and industrial materials; I investigate their capacity to pre-form a poetic precarity, an uncertain one, the capacity to perform foreign tension, and to form new lines of flight in the given space.

My aim is to push this encounter to a meeting point where the materials are provoking each other to act, touching and activating one another, and where their characteristics can be manipulated to the point of otherness. 



Full length statement

Portfolio of selected works

Solo Exhibitions

2019 'Performing Mechanisms', Espronceda, Barcelona

Selectd group exhibitions


Manipulating divisions of joy, Haimney galery, Barcelona

"Flexure", Galeria Angels, Barcelona

"L'Ultim Passtge", passatge de piera,Barcelona


"Anteclimactic", Pujo Studios, Barcelona

"Passage across no-space" Mutuo gallery, Barcelona

"Big Awards", Cage gallery, Barcelona

"Land(e)scapes", Galeria Carles Tache, Barcelona.

"Iterations", Pujo Studios, Barcelona

2017 "Tuning the self", Untitled bcn,  Barcelona

2016 Math TlV, Uriel acosta gallery, Tel Aviv


2019 'Performing Mechanisms'

2017  "100 ways to survive in the city"

2016 "Naked Lines"


2019 Fundació Antoni Tapiès, Artist talk,

2018 Nectar, Artist in residence program.


2016-2019, Metafora, Barcelona, advanced diploma in visual arts

2015  Screen printing, Baalei Hamelaha, Tel Aviv

2015  Script writing, Norma Studios, Tel Aviv