Netai Halup

b.1991 raised in Israel,  currently based between Tel Aviv and Barcelona.

Founder of 'Pujo studios', Hospitalet de llobregat, Barcelona.

Netai Halup’s (b.1991) body of work explores the possible performativity that sculptures can manifest. Through the use of organic and industrial materials, he creates precarious compositions that held by the force of tension and balance.

Theatre and poetry take a major role in Halup’s installations, and thus gives context to his sculptural language. The works revolve around the materials’ potentialities to act as “bodies” — as characters — that perform poetic relationships within the installations.

Tension is a main element in the environments Halup is creating; it may be physical, poetic, or as a subject matter. The notion of tension is the common ground that conjoint all the layers in Halup’s work. His practice looks further into how tension can be manifested as visual poetry, and expressed through different sculptural events. In that sense, his assemblages investigate the possibilities in which precariousness, resistance, subtlety, and tension can appear together as theatrical situations.


Halup's work has been exhibited in contemporary art galleries around Barcelona such as Galería Carles Tache, Galería àngels, and Espronceda, where he exhibited his solo exhibition as part of 'Art Nou' festival 2019. He was one of the finalists in BIG awards 2018 and has won a grant to take part in Nectar AIR program. He founded 'Pujós Studios' in 2017, art studios and exhibition space for art and critical thinking. Today, is is based between Tel Aviv and Barcelona. 



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Solo Exhibitions
2019 Performing Mechanisms, Espronceda Center For Art, Barcelona

Selected group exhibitions
Manipulating Divisions of Joy, Haimney gallery, Barcelona
Flexure, Galeria Angels, Barcelona
L'Ultim Passtge, passatge de piera,Barcelona

Anteclimactic, Pujo Studios, Barcelona
Passage across no-space Mutuo gallery, Barcelona
BIG Awards, Cage Gallery, Barcelona
Land(e)scapes, Galeria Carles Tache, Barcelona.
Iterations, Pujo Studios, Barcelona

Tuning the self, Untitled BCN,  Barcelona

2021 Artport, Tel Aviv, Spring Residency Program
2019 Fundació Antoni Tapiès, Artist talk 
2018 Nectar, Artist in residence program

2019 Performing Mechanisms, published by Espronceda
2017  100 ways to survive in the city, published by Pujo Studios
2016 Naked Lines, independent publication

2016-2019, Metafora, Barcelona, advanced diploma in visual arts
2015  Screen printing, Baalei Hamelaha, Tel Aviv
2015  Scriptwriting, Norma Studios, Tel Aviv