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And Other Stories

Curated by Naama Haneman

Artport, Tel Aviv


And Other Stories_Netai Halup_Photo by Tal Nissim5(2).jpg

All photographs taken by Tal Nisim

What If

Naama Haneman

The concrete works featured in And Other Stories likewise generate a dance of human artistry. The sculptural creatures scattered in the gallery space, charged with the DNA of the creator who breathes life into them, rise against their maker and embark on a new path, independent of their origin, engaging in their own dialogue and collectivity. Assuming that anything is possible and the works will embark on their independent path in any event, all that is left for Halup is to take his place as yet another body in the cluster of bodies he has created. He is no longer the parent watching from above, but rather plays an active role in the newly-created world. He moves the bodies and orchestrates various scenarios that become stand-alone paradigms. It is a dynamic space of interactions: his creatures seek a foothold on the gallery walls and floor; they lean against one another and support each other. Each combination of several sculptures generates a new story, which may change in the next scenario, depending on the dancers, the time, place, and space. Even if we wanted to stop the story-dance, it would be impossible because it is endless.


Although movement depends on a space of time, taking place and slipping away elusively, Halup sensitively freezes the fraction of a second in which the action occurs. At the same time, with the help of the viewer who wanders around the gallery, encircling the sculpture, orientation changes and the static body gains continuity. Halup thus lightens the heavy cast sculpture abruptly, expanding the sculptural mechanism and allowing it to be spontaneous and active.


In an anthology of short stories, the story which gives its name to the whole volume is not necessarily the most important one. Equipped with a profound understanding and an emotional connection with the material and the potential inherent in it, Halup gives us a glimpse of the simple, minor stories through the material. He confronts us with the need for the other, for the necessity of fragility and cracks, demonstrating separation alongside containment, and allowing us to imagine the next act.


Installation view


Uncertain Certainties‭ (‬left‭)‬

Concrete‭, ‬pigments‭, ‬iron rebars‭, ‬expanded mash‭, ‬Margosa branches

267x70x56‭ ‬cm


This Way or Another‭ (‬right‭)‬

Concrete‭, ‬pigments‭, ‬iron rebars‭, ‬expanded mash

256x185x31.3‭ ‬cm

Netai Halup_artport_04.jpg

Uncertain Certainties (detail)

DSC05069 copy.jpeg
Netai Halup_artport_00.jpg

Red Basterd

Concrete‭, ‬pigments‭, ‬iron rebars‭, ‬Carrotwood branches

93x24x32‭ ‬cm


 Long Term Goals -Netai Halup.jpg

Long Term Goals

Concrete‭, ‬pigments‭, ‬iron rebars Carrotwood‭  ‬branches

139x69x33‭ ‬cm


And Other Stories_Netai Halup_Photo by Tal Nissim2.jpg
Netai Halup_artport_07.jpg

On Dependency‭ ("‬Tell Me Something Good‭")‬

Concrete‭, ‬pigments‭, ‬iron rebars‭, ‬eucalyptus branches

52x14x234‭ ‬cm


DSC05156 copy.jpeg

Catching Flies‭ (‬Between Ofakim And Beit Sha'an‭)‬

Concrete‭, ‬pigments‭, ‬iron rebars

261x87x48‭ ‬cm


Netai Halup_artport_06_2.jpg

Catching Flies‭ (‬Between Ofakim And Beit Sha'an‭)‬ (detail)



Installation view, And Other Stories

Artport Tel Aviv


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