Galeria Angels, Barcelona

An exhibition is a small institution in itself. Here, Flexure is formed by different bodies questioning touch, tensions, relations, names, times, and perceptions of our over designed contemporary experience of the worlds. What we will see here assembled is a circuit of art attempts. Attempts searching to curve our minds, bodies and certainties. A curve, this flexure, operates in the space that emerges by the contact of the eyes, by the touching of airs, by the echoes and smells that the works are offering toward us. A flexure of the practice of art, curving that word already. Like the curve that we observe the falling star does around the eyeball, these scintillating bodies are forming a vibratory landscape which expects you to feel, finally, again.


Luis Guerra,

Barcelona, 2019

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Act no.3

Cement, plaster, pigment, branches, wood, strap, iron bar


Act no.4

Cement, plaster, pigment, wood, volcanic stone


Point of departure

Cement, plaster, pigment, volcanic stones, notebook


Probe I

Cement, plaster, pigment, branches


Thought (pressure points II)

Cement, plaster, pigment, branches,


Thought (with a branch)

Cement, plaster, pigment, volcanic stone, branch