daily studies

I see the studio as a lab, a rehearsal room for the bodies I make and mine.

The studies here are tentatives; an aspiration to partner with the materials;

an attempt to study their potentialities, performative attributes, and their poetic value.

mapping accidents and other unusful thin

Study of a Broken Body

cement, pigment, reinforcement bars

performing _22.jpg

Study For Potentialities

cement, pigment, wood, volcanic rock

study of (perhaps) equal bodies.JPG
study of (perhaps) equal bodies 2.JPG

Study of a Trial

cement, pigment, wood, volcanic rock


Study in reinforcing elements

cement, pigment, ink, branches, strap

study of corrupted mechanisms2.jpg

Study of corrupted mechanisms

cement, pigment, ink, wood, elastic strap

study of a kiss 4(2).jpg
study of a kiss 2(2).jpg

Study For a Kiss

cement, wood, screws