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Joint exhibition by Netai Halup and Mattias Kauderer

Pujo Studio, Barcelona, 2018

installation view (1 of 1)(2).jpg

I met Matthias Kauderer in Barcelona over the summer of 2017, The similarity in our artistic processes and our related passion for sculptures brought me to invite him for a one-month residency in Pujo Studio. He responded to my invitation positively, and we found ourselves working alongside one another in October 2018.

In the studio, we have produced a critical space for debates and discussions, so we invited local artists and curators to participate in those events. During this time we traveled to the volcanic mountains in Olot and collected natural materials such as rocks and wood. Back in the city, we worked in the same space, but each one focused on producing their own encounters, with his own materials; Matthias with ready-mades, and me, with industrial materials such as cement and manufactured wood.

Anteclimatic results from these natural and industrial encounters: when the sculptures perform with an Ante-Climactic behavior.

frame (1 of 1)-2(2).jpg
frame (1 of 1)-13 (3).jpg
frame bottom (1 of 1)-2.jpg

could stand and touch

Oil and cement on wood, iron bar, and a rock


in tension2.jpg
Wood in tension (composs) (3).jpg
Wood in tension (composs) (2).jpg

This is not a compos, but can made a circule (In Tension series)

Burnt wood, rope, and a rock

Site specific installation

clamps (holding on) (1 of 1)-16(22).jpg
clamps (holding on) (1 of 1)-17.2jpg.jpg

A Study In The Use Of clamps 

Oil on wood, cement, plaster pgiment, and clamps


nununu (1 of 1)-9 (22).jpg
nununu (1 of 1)-222.jpg
nununu (1 of 1)-26.jpg


Acrylic on wood, and cement


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